Advent 2A

Day: Advent 2

Lectionary Passage: Matthew 3:1-12

Scripture Focus: Matthew 3:1-6

Object: Picture of John the Baptist

This morning I want to tell you about a pretty interesting fella from our Bible passage for the day. His name was John the Baptist. His mom and dad were Elizabeth and Zechariah who were very, very, very old when he was born — way older than Mr. Thomas (name an older member of the congregation who won’t mind being an example). When John grew up, he went out to the desert to start preaching. John didn’t wear a robe (or suit or whatever your preacher wears). Instead, he wore clothes made out of camel’s hair! I bet he looked a little funny. But, his message wasn’t funny. It was serious. It was about the coming of the Messiah. Do you know who the Messiah is? …. That’s right, it’s Jesus! John was telling people to prepare for the coming of Jesus. He wanted people to know that the savior was coming and they needed to be ready.

He told them the only way to get ready was to repent. Whoa! That’s a big word. It means to say you’re sorry for your sins — all that bad stuff you’ve done — and asking God to forgive us. Can you say the word “repent”? Good! John wanted everyone to repent and be ready for Jesus.

When people repented, John would baptize them in the Jordan River. That’s how he got the name John the Baptist.

It’s important for us to remember John and his message. We all need to get ready for Jesus by saying we’re sorry for our sins and asking God to forgive us.

Let’s pray: God thank you for sending people like John the Baptist to show us the way to prepare for the coming of Jesus. Help us all remember that Jesus is the reason for Christmas and that we need to get our hearts ready for him. Amen.


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