Advent 3A

Day: Advent 3

Lectionary Passage: James 5:7-10

Scripture Focus: James 5:7-8

Object: Timer and candy

This morning I’ve brought some candy with me to share with all of you. But, you have to wait for it. I’m going to set my timer for 90 seconds and when the bell goes off, then we can have candy.

While we wait patiently, let me tell you about our Bible story. It explains that Jesus is coming soon but we have to wait patiently for his arrival. Patience is a hard thing. Like waiting for this candy! But sometimes the best things in life come after we have waited patiently. That’s certainly true about Jesus. We’re waiting to celebrate his birthday on Christmas. I’m sure we’re all excited about Christmas, but we’ve got to remember to be patient. Sometimes, keeping busy helps us wait patiently. Our story tells us to “strengthen our hearts” while we wait. That means we’ve got to get ourselves prepared to love Jesus. We can do that by praying, coming to church, and learning more about Jesus from our teachers and parents. (Keep going along this line until the timer goes off…)

Time’s up! You all waited patiently for your candy and now you get to enjoy it! Let’s remember that we need to wait patiently for Jesus and to prepare our hearts for him.

Let’s pray: God we give you thanks for Jesus Christ. Help us, Lord, to wait patiently for Christmas and to prepare our hearts to love Jesus always.


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