Christmas 2A

Day: Christmas 2

Lectionary Passage: John 1:1-18

Scripture Focus: John 1:1-2

Object: None

How many of you know the song “Jesus Loves Me”? Well, let’s sing the first part together, Maribeth (or whoever can lead your singing), can you get us started…

Jesus loves me! This I know,

For the Bible tells me so;

Little ones to Him belong,

They are weak but He is strong.

Yes, Jesus loves me!

Yes, Jesus loves me!

Yes, Jesus loves me!

The Bible tells me so.

Wow, that was great! I love that song because it reminds me that Jesus loves us all. And the most amazing this of all is that it is just words! Words can make us feel good and remind us that Jesus loves us!

Now, just imagine when the word is none other than Jesus himself!!! That’s what our Bible story is about today. It calls Jesus by a special name: “The Word.” It means that Jesus tells us what God is like. So, when we say (use a really, really deep, dramatic voice) “The Word” with a Capital “T” and a Capital “W” and with a really deep voice then we’re talking about Jesus. Let’s try that together: “The Word.” Oh, we can say it with a deeper voice than that, one more time: “The Word.”

Awesome! And remember, Jesus is “The Word” because he tells us about God just like the song “Jesus Loves Me” tells us that Jesus loves us!

Let’s pray: God, thank you for sending Jesus to help us better know you. Amen.


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