Baptism of Jesus A

Day: Baptism of Jesus

Lectionary Passage: Matthew 3:13-17

Scripture Focus: Matthew 3:16-17

Object: Sharpie marker and an object (make sure the marker will NOT rub off whatever you choose)

Today’s Bible story is about a very special event: the Baptism of Jesus! But he isn’t the only one to get baptized. I bet most of us in this room have been baptized. Some when we were just babies, others when they were teenagers and maybe others when they were a lot older. Some people get baptized with a whole of lot of water like when you go swimming and some just get a little sprinkle on top of their head. It doesn’t matter how old you are or how much water is used, the most important thing is that you were baptized!

You see, when you’re baptized, it’s like having “property of God” stamped on your life. Kind of like how I wrote “property of Danyelle” on this cup. No matter what I do… (rub it with your fingers)…. (lick your thumb and try to wipe it off)… (put it on the floor and try to stomp on it)… (etc.)… that notice isn’t coming off this cup. It’s there for good! Well, in baptism, God stamped “property of God”  on your life and that claim by God can never be erased. No matter what you do, no matter how much trouble you get into, or how much bad stuff you may do, you’ll always belong to God. Because God always keeps promises. And when God claimed you in baptism as God’s very own, God meant forever and ever and ever no matter what.

Let’s pray: God we are so thankful that you have claimed us as yours. Help us to follow Jesus every day. Amen.


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