Epiphany 2A

Day: Epiphany 2

Lectionary Passage: John 1:29-42

Scripture Focus: John 1:38-39

Object: None

Our Bible story for today tells when Jesus picked his first disciples. It happened the day after Jesus was baptized by John. Jesus was walking along when all of a sudden John spotted him and yelled out. Well, that got the two guys’ attention and they decided they wanted to follow Jesus. And, I do mean, follow, as in behind him, like they were trying to be sneaky or something. I don’t know how long they walked behind Jesus, but at some point, Jesus turned around and saw them following. So he asked what they wanted. And they wanted to know where he was going! Now, Jesus didn’t just come out and tell them. Instead, he said “Come and see.” So they did and they spent the rest of the day with Jesus who they called by a very special name. They called Jesus “Rabbi.”

Now that’s kind of a funny word to our ears. We don’t hear the word “Rabbi” very often. That’s because it is from a very old language totally different than the one we speak. It’s Hebrew. And it means “teacher.” So, when you are speaking Hebrew and want to say “teacher” then you say the word “rabbi.” Let’s say that word together: Rabbi. Great job! You just spoke a foreign language!

Those two guys called Jesus “rabbi” because they wanted Jesus to be their teacher. And that makes sense. Jesus teaches us all kinds of things. But most importantly, he teaches us to follow God’s way. So, I guess he is our rabbi, too.

Let’s pray: Thank you God for giving Jesus to us to be our rabbi. Help us to always learn from him and following in his way. Amen.


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