Epiphany 5A

Day: Epiphany 5

Lectionary Passage: Matthew 5:13-20

Scripture Focus: Matthew 5:13

Object: Salty pretzels

This morning I’ve brought one of my favorite snacks with me: salty pretzels! And you know what makes them soooo good? The salt! Can I tell you a secret? (Get down real close to the kids and whisper:) Sometimes, I just want to lick the salt off and not eat the pretzel. Salty pretzels are a wonderful snack.

And the salt always reminds me of this Bible story from Matthew. It’s about salt, too. Only not salty pretzels. It’s about salty people! Jesus is talking about how we’re supposed to be salty. I know that sounds a little weird, but you  have to understand where Jesus was coming from. In his day, salt was used to keep food from spoiling or going bad since they didn’t have refrigerators. So, when he said people should be salty he meant they should be pure and unspoiled. I guess you could say, salty people aren’t rotten people!

Let’s pray: God help us to be salty people who are always good and pure and eager to follow in Jesus’ way. Amen.


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