Epiphany 6A

Day: Epiphany 6

Lectionary Passage: Matthew 5:21-37

Scripture Focus: Matthew 5:33-37

Object: A piece of candy for each child

Good morning! It is so good to see all of you here this morning. I am so glad that you made it because today I have something special to give all of you: I want to give you a special promise. I promise all of you that I will give you a big huge bowl of candy that you can eat during church! … Oops! I had my fingers crossed behind my back! That means I don’t have to keep my promise. Haha! I got you!

Was that very nice? No, it wasn’t very nice at all. When people promise things, they should keep their promises. That’s what our Bible story for today teaches us. It says that we should never make promises unless we mean to keep them. None of this silly fingers crossed behind your back business. God wants us to take promises seriously. God has made promises to us and God always keeps God’s promises, like to love us even when we do bad stuff. Well, God wants us to keep our promises too. Like we all promised to follow Jesus even when it isn’t easy. Our Bible story reminds us that when we make a promise, we’ve got to stick to it!

I feel kind of bad that I played a trick on you guys, so even though I don’t have a bowl of candy for each of you, I do have a piece of candy that you can have to eat after church.

Let’s pray: Thank you God for always keeping your promises to us and help us to be good promise keepers, too. Amen.


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