Epiphany 8A

Day: Epiphany 8

Lectionary Passage: Matthew 6:24-34

Scripture Focus: Matthew 6:30-33

Object: None

Note: This sermon draws attention to how children dress for church. Be sure to compliment every style and be positive and reassuring that any kind of clothing is acceptable to God.

Good morning everyone! My oh my, doesn’t everyone look very nice today! I love to see all the pretty dresses and the sharp looking sweaters, and don’t you look stylin’ in your jeans, and I bet you are nice and comfy in your sneakers — not like me in this silly dress shoes. As much as I love that all of you look so nice, you know what? It wouldn’t bother me one bit if you came to church in clothes that weren’t so nice. You see, we’ve got this idea in our heads that you’ve got to wear certain clothes to church, but that’s not true at all!

Our Bible story for today tells us that we don’t have to worry about clothes at all! God doesn’t care what clothes we wear and neither should we. It doesn’t matter if we have fancy dresses or expensive jeans or the most fashionable stuff. Clothes aren’t important. What’s important is God. Especially when it comes to church! We shouldn’t worry about clothes especially if it gets in the way of coming to church and learning more about God. God and the things Jesus teaches us are way more important than clothes.

Let’s pray: God help us remember that it doesn’t matter how we dress just that we show up to church to learn more about you. Amen.


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