Lent 1A

Day: Lent 1

Lectionary Passage: Romans 5:12-19

Scripture Focus: Romans 5:15-17

Object: Cross Gift Box

Preparation: You will need to print out and prepare the cross gift box. You will need a piece of card stock, ribbon, and scissors. After you print out the template, cut along the solid lines. Then, fold the dotted lines inward to create a box. Finally, secure the box together by tying the ribbon around it to make it look like a gift. Please know the box is not very durable since it is only held together with a ribbon, but this will make the sermon much easier. Click Here for Cross Box

This morning I have a very special gift with me. It’s different than any other gift in the whole world. Do you want to see what it is? … Are you sure? … Really?… Okay… (untie the gift slowly in anticipation). Well… what is it… (slowly shake it out and then turn it to reveal the cross). It is a cross! This special gift is the cross.

And the cross reminds us of Jesus! Jesus was sent by God to help all of us get over our bad stuff and love God. He did that by dying for us on the cross. But then Jesus rose from the dead in victory! Now thanks to Jesus, every single person in the whole wide world can believe in God and experience the love of God. All they have to do is follow Jesus. That’s why the cross is such an amazing gift! It reminds us of Jesus Christ who loved us so much that he was willing to die for us to prove that God loves us all.

Let us pray: Lord, thank you for sending your son Jesus to die for us. Help us never forget this great gift. Amen.


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