Lent 2A

Day: Lent 2

Lectionary Passage: Romans 4:1-5, 13-17

Scripture Focus: Romans 4:4-5

Object: None

I have a question for you: When you get a birthday gift, do you pay the person for it? (Let the children answer no) Well, of course you don’t because it is a birthday gift. What about when you get a Christmas gift, do you pay for that? (Let the children answer no) You don’t have to pay because it is a Christmas gift. What about when you get a gift just because some loves you, do you have to pay for it then? (Let the children answer no) No, of course not because it is a gift!

Whenever we get a gift it is free for us. We don’t have to worry about paying for it. And that reminds me of our Bible story. It’s talking about God’s gift to all of us. It is the gift of salvation. And like all gifts, it is free! God doesn’t expect us to pay for it with money. God doesn’t even expect a payback by us doing good things. All God wants in return for this amazing gift is our faith. Faith means believing in God. When we believe in God, when we have faith in God, we are given the amazing gift of salvation. We don’t have to pay for it. We didn’t earn it. And there is nothing we have to do for it. That’s what makes it a gift! And God wants everyone to have this amazing gift.

Let’s pray: Thank you God for the amazing gift of salvation. We know we didn’t earn it and we can never pay for it, so we are so thankful that you have given it to us for free. Amen.


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