Lent 3A

Day: Lent 3

Lectionary Passage: Romans 5:1-11

Scripture Focus: Romans 5:1-2

Object: None

Raise your hand if you have ever been put in time-out. (Let the children raise their hands and you raise your hand, too) Wow, all of us have been put in time-out! That’s because at one time or another we did something we weren’t suppose to. Like the time that I colored a picture on the living room wall… I was in time-out for a very long time. I did something wrong and so I had to pay the price!

But today I want to tell you about something wonderful that changes all that! It’s called grace. Grace means you are forgiven even when you don’t deserve to be. That means you are forgiven even when you do something wrong. And that’s what God does for every single person who believes in Jesus. When we believe that Jesus is our Savior, God gives us grace so that we are forgiven for all the things we’ve done wrong. There’s no punishment! Even though we deserve to be punished, God’s grace forgives us. And that’s a really good thing because we’ve all done bad stuff and without God’s grace we would be in time-out forever!

Let’s pray: God, we are so thankful that you forgive us even when we do something wrong. Your grace is amazing! Amen.


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