Lent 5A

Day: Lent 5

Lectionary Passage: Romans 8:6-11

Scripture Focus: Romans 8:6

Object: “Thinking Cap”

Preparation: Turn a baseball cap (or any hat) into a “thinking cap” by simply writing “Thinking Cap” on a piece of paper and taping it to the front of the hat. On the back of the hat, tape a piece of paper that says “Spirit Cap.”

You know, when I am faced with a tough problem or I’m working on something and can’t quite figure it out, I’ve got to put on my “thinking cap.” (Put the hat on your head but be careful not to reveal the back of the hat) My “thinking cap” helps me get in the zone so I can figure things out.

You know, I think we need a “Spirit Cap!” And that’s what our Bible story is about. It’s telling us that people who follow Jesus need to think like Jesus. That means we aren’t letting bad thoughts make decisions for us. Instead, we’re letting the Holy Spirit guide us each and every day in everything we do. That means, we’ve got our “Spirit Cap” on (turn the hat around to reveal “Spirit Cap”). With our “Spirit Cap” on, we’re allowing the Holy Spirit to guide our thoughts so that we are good followers of Jesus Christ!

Let’s pray: Help us God to remember to put on our “Spirit Cap” each and every day so that we can always be guided by your Holy Spirit to follow the way of Jesus. Amen.


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