Easter Sunday A

Day: Easter Sunday

Lectionary Passage: John 20:1-18

Scripture Focus: John 20:1-10

Object: Cascarone and a raw egg

Preparation: This lesson takes more prep time than most, but it’s worth it! You will need two eggs per worship service and two to practice with and a bowl. You need to make a cascarone, which is a hollow egg filled with confetti. First, you “blow out” raw eggs. This is done by (1) piercing a hole in each end of the egg, (2) reach through one hole with a needle to gently break up the yolk, (3) blow air into one hole to force the egg contents to flow out the other end, (4) run cold water into the intact eggshell to clean, and finally (5) dry the shells in the microwave for 15-30 seconds. Next, cover one hole using white tissue paper and a clear glue stick, gently pour confetti into the shell; then,  cover the second hole.

Special Thanks: I owe a special thanks to a wonderful children’s pastor in Little Rock who taught me how to make cascarones. Thank you Pam!

Today is Easter! It’s when we remember that Jesus is alive! But, you know, that whole thing came as a big surprise, even to Jesus’ closest friends. No one expected Jesus to live again.

It’s like this egg (show the raw egg). When I crack it (crack it in to the bowl) it’s full of yucky slimy stuff. It’s what we expect to find in an egg.

But what if I told you this egg here was different (show the confetti filled egg–be careful to hide the holes!). What if I told you it didn’t have that yucky slimy stuff inside? Would you believe me?

….Well, let’s find out! (quickly, crack the egg over the children or perhaps the senior pastor!) See, I was telling the truth. But it’s not what you expected.

The same thing happened to the disciples. Everyone was totally surprised that Jesus was alive. That had never happened before. It was totally unexpected. But, it was a wonderful surprise!

Jesus is alive! And on Easter we celebrate that Jesus rose from the dead and lives again. And that’s a pretty awesome thing.

Let’s pray: God thank you for sending Jesus who was willing to die for all the bad stuff we have done. But what an amazing thing that he lives again!!! Help us to remember that the real reason for Easter is to celebrate that Jesus is alive. Amen.


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