Easter 2A

Day: Easter 2

Lectionary Passage: John 20:19-31

Scripture Focus: John 20:22

Object: Breath mints, 2 per child

Good morning everyone! It’s been one week since we celebrated Easter and the resurrection of Jesus from the dead. But in our story for today, barely a day has gone by since Easter morning when the tomb was found empty by Mary Magdalene. After Mary saw Jesus in the garden she ran to tell the disciples that Jesus was alive, but the disciples still hadn’t seen Jesus for themselves. It wasn’t until late Sunday night, when they were locked in a room, that Jesus appeared to the disciples. The first thing he did was say, “Peace be with you.” And then, he breathed on them! At that moment, the disciples received the Holy Spirit. Now that’s some good breath!

I want to give each of you two breath mints. The first one is for you to have as a reminder that Jesus breathed on the disciples and they were given the special gift of the Holy Spirit. The second one is for you to share with someone and tell them Jesus has really good breath because it’s filled with the Holy Spirit and he wants everyone to be filled with the Spirit. Can you do that? (let the children respond enthusiastically) Well, alright!

Let’s pray: God, thank you for sending Jesus who breathed into us the power of the Holy Spirit so that we can do amazing things!


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