Easter 4A

Day: Easter 4

Lectionary Passage: Acts 2:42-47

Scripture Focus: Acts 2:42

Object: None

Hey everybody! Today we are learning about the very first Christians. We know a lot about them from the Book of Acts. That’s in the New Testament just after the four gospels. In our story today, we learn that the first Christians spent a lot of time together. They studied with the disciples learning more and more about God, and Jesus, and how to live as Christians. They prayed together. They sang songs, praised God, and worshiped together. They ate meals and celebrated Holy Communion together. And they shared everything they had with each other. The first Christians loved to spend time together learning about God and helping others!

And that is something we still do today! There are so many great ways that we can spend time together…. (this is an opportunity to name two or three ministries in your church that kids can get involved with). And the best part about spending time with other Christians is that we are growing together in our love for God! That’s always a good thing!

Let’s pray: Thank you God for bringing together the church and giving us so many wonderful opportunities to spend time together. Amen.


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