Easter 6A

Day: Easter 6

Lectionary Passage: John 14:15-21

Scripture Focus: John 14:15-17

Object: “A Spirit Detector” (A Mirror with Glitter)

Preparation: Decorate a small hand-mirror so that when you look into the mirror your face is completely surrounded by glitter. (If you are feeling very ambitious, this sermon would be very cool done with a full-length mirror so that kids see themselves fully surrounded by the Holy Spirit.)

Note: The NIV translates “Advocate” as “Friend,” which is a more relatable term for children and the one used in this sermon.

Good morning! Our Bible story for today has a really important lesson. It tells us that when Jesus had to go back to Heaven to be with God that he asked God to send another Friend to be with us. And that Friend is the Holy Spirit! We can’t see the Holy Spirit, but he is always with us. Always sticking around, right by our side, no matter what is happening, we can always count on the Holy Spirit to be right there with us because he is our very best friend!

Sometimes that’s a little hard to remember, so I’ve come up with this gizmo. I call it “A Spirit Detector!” All I have to do is look into it and I can see that the Holy Spirit is surrounding me all the time. You try… (have one of the kids look into the mirror)… see this bright shinny glitter reminds me that the Holy Spirit is always there. Even though we can’t see our friend, the Spirit is right here with us. “A Spirit Detector” just helps us remember that.

Let’s pray: God, thank you for sending the Holy Spirit to be our friend. Help us always remember that the Spirit is right here with us no matter what. Amen.


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