Trinity Sunday A

Day: Trinity Sunday

Lectionary Passage: Matthew 28:16-20

Scripture Focus: Matthew 28:18-20

Object: None

Note: Today’s children’s sermon requires some playacting on your part. Don’t worry if you are not the world’s greatest actor, just have fun and the kids will too and they will learn the lesson in the process.

Alright troops! It’s time to get in line! (As you give these instructions, do them so the kids can see exactly what you want) I want everyone to stand up, nice and tall, backs straight, that’s right, stand at attention, arms at your side, head nice and high, looking straight ahead. Yes, we are looking very good (walk the line of kids in the manner of a general inspecting his troops).

Now, that you’re at attention, I’m going to give you  your mission. Are you ready? If you’re ready, say “Yeah!” I can’t hear you! (Let the kids shout it!) That’s better! Our mission, troops, is to “Make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.” (Still walking the line of kids in the manner of a general inspecting her troops) Our Bible story for today tells us these orders came straight from Jesus Christ. He wants each of us to out and make sure we tell everyone we meet all about God and God’s love so they can become friends with Jesus too. That’s our mission! And with a fine looking group of troops like this, I think we’ll do just great.

Now, let’s repeat our mission to make sure we know it by heart. Say it after me: Our Mission is to… Make disciples… of Jesus Christ… for the… transformation of the world! Okay, now we’ve got to salute to show you’ve gotten your mission and you’re ready to go out and make disciples. Here’s what you do (show them a traditional military salute). So, if you are ready to help Jesus with the mission to help others become friends of Jesus, then give me a salute! Alright!

Let’s pray: Thank you God for giving us all such an important mission. Help us remember it every day. Amen.


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