Special Installment: First Sunday of New Appointment

Special: First Sunday of Appointment

Scripture Focus: John 20:19b

Object: None

Preparation: The goal of this sermon is to introduce yourself to the children, but you also have the opportunity to do two things in the process.  You will need to prepare by thinking through these two points. First, it’s a great time to establish how you would like the children to address you. For instance, do you want to be called Brother/Sister Name or Pastor Name or something else? Second, you can opt to teach the children a fun greeting to use whenever you see each other, like a fist bump or a high five. As pastors, it is important to be mindful of safe interactions with kids and that hugging is not always appropriate. This way, you have established a fun and healthy alternative greeting.

Note: United Methodist pastors move –  a lot. For most adults, changing pastors is part and parcel of being United Methodists, but to many children this means losing the only pastor they can remember. Little People Big Word wants to help with this transition with a kid-friendly  introduction to the new pastor.

Good morning everyone! My name is (clearly tell the children your name just as you want them to call you) and I’m your new pastor. I am so excited to be here. And I just wanted to take this time to say a special hello to you guys. Sooo… hello (be sure to smile!).

You know, there are all kinds of ways to say hello to people. In the south we/they say “Hey Y’all!” If you’re a business person, you might shake hands like this… (pick a child to shake hands with…) mind if I shake your hand? In our Bible story, Jesus says hello to the disciples in a really special way. He says “Peace be with you.” And we do that in the church, too, whenever we Pass the Peace. We say hello to one another by hugging or shaking hands and saying “Peace of Christ.” There are so many different ways to say hello!

I thought it would be cool if we had our very own special way to greet each other. Just something special we can do when we see each other. Let’s do this (reveal your special way of greeting: fist bump or high five or whatever). Let’s practice that(pick a child to practice with), will you practice with me? (let the child answer) Great! What’s your name? (let the child tell you his/her name) So, whenever we see each other, I’ll say, “Hi Name” and you’ll say “Hi Title Name” and we will (fist bump or high five or whatever). Now we have our very own special way to say hello! I can’t wait to learn all your names and get to know you better. I’m really glad to be your new pastor.

Let’s pray: Thank you God for bringing us together. Help us become good friends. Amen.


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