Pentecost 5A

Day: Pentecost 5

Lectionary Passage: Psalm 139:1-12 23-24

Scripture Focus: Psalm 139:7-8

Object: None

I bet everyone here knows the game hide and seek. Raise your hand if you have played before. Wow, lot’s of you have played! Then you already know that one person is “It” and they have to close their eyes without peeking and count while everyone else hides. Then, when they are finished counting they call out “Ready of not here I come!” and go searching for the other players who are hiding. It is so much fun!

But you one to know one person that you can’t play hide and seek with? I’ll give you a guess… God! You can’t play hide and seek with God because God is with us no matter where we are. So, you can’t run and hide from God, even if you find a really, really, REALLY great hiding place. God is still going to be right there with you. Our Bible story says that God is all around us, and behind us, and in front of us. God is everywhere! So, you can’t play hide and seek with God.

Then again, why would you want to?! God loves us so much that I can’t imagine ever wanting to hide from God. And I hope you know that God loves you too.

Let’s pray: God we are so glad that you are always with us and that no matter where we go, we can always count on you being right there. Amen.


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