Pentecost 6A

Day: Pentecost 6

Lectionary Passage: Matthew 13:31-33 44-52

Scripture Focus: Matthew 13:31-33

Object: A bag of objects

Preparation: For this children’s sermon you will need a bag full of objects that are very similar and very different (6-8 pairs will do). Two by two you will hold up objects and ask the children if “this one is like this one.”

Good morning everyone! Today we are going to take a little pop quiz. I’m going to hold up two objects and I want you tell me if one is like the other. Okay, first pair… Is this one (reveal the first object)… like this one (reveal the second object)… (repeat this pattern for the whole bag).

You guys did great! That pop quiz was almost too easy… I’ll have to think of something harder for next time. But, it did teach us something important. There are some things that are like other things. And we can describe one thing to help us understand something else. Pretend for minute that you’ve never seen a marker in your whole life. If I told you that a marker is like a crayon then you would get a pretty good idea of what it was like, right?

Well, that’s what Jesus did when he was teaching people about some pretty serious stuff. He used special stories called “parables” to tell people what the Kingdom of God is like. He had to use stories because nobody had ever seen God’s Kingdom. But, they knew what other things were like so Jesus explained that the Kingdom of God was like this or that or whatever. Thanks to parables, we can know what God’s kingdom is like!

So remember that Jesus taught parables so that we would know all about God’s kingdom.

Let’s pray: Thank you God for teaching us using special stories called parables so that we would know what your kingdom is like. Amen.


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