Pentecost 7A

Day: Pentecost 7

Lectionary Passage: Matthew 14:13-21

Scripture Focus: Matthew 14:16-21

Object: None

Good morning everyone! Our Bible story for today is amazing. It tells about one of Jesus’ miracles. A miracle is a wonderful event that shows us the power of God. We can’t explain how miracles happen, but when they do, we know God’s been at work!

Well, one day, Jesus ran into a huge crowd of hungry people. They were starving! They hadn’t eaten anything in days. Instead of sending them away, Jesus decided to feed them. Because he didn’t want them to be hungry anymore.

Do you think he game them pizza and coke? No! What about hot dogs and punch? No! I know! He gave them bread and fish! And the miracle happens when Jesus takes only five loaves of bread and two fish and feeds the whole crowd — way more people than are here this morning! We don’t know how he did it; that’s what makes it a miracle.

And guess who helped him out? His friends! Jesus’ disciples helped pass the bread and fish out to everyone who was there waiting and when the meal was over they picked up the leftovers. That’s important for us to remember because we can all be Jesus’ helpers. We can help Jesus feed others even today when we … (suggest ways that kids can get involved in a ministry at your church or in your community that feeds the hungry; if you don’t have one, then think about starting one as part of the children’s moment once a month).

Let’s pray: God, thanks for giving us Jesus and asking us to be his helpers. We want to remember that others don’t have as much food as we do and that we can help feed them. Amen.


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