Pentecost 8A

Day: Pentecost 8

Lectionary Passage: Matthew 14:22-33

Scripture Focus: Matthew 14:28-31

Object: This is an opportunity to share a talent you have with the children, like playing a musical instrument, card tricks, or knitting. It can be anything you learned over time and through practice.

Preparation: Gather together the materials you will need to briefly share your talent with the children.

Good morning everyone! You know I love to learn all kinds of new tricks and this morning I want to show you one of my all time favorite paper cutting tricks. As I’m cutting, I’ll confess to you that the first time I tried this trick it didn’t work at all! In fact, the whole thing fell apart in a heap of paper. But, I kept practicing and eventually I learned all the right cuts to make and voila! I can make a pretty cool paper ship wheel now.

All kinds of things take practice. I bet a lot of you play sports or take music lessons and you have to practice to get better at those things. A lot of the best things in life take practice. We have to work at learning how to do them well.

And that reminds me of our Bible story. It takes place during a scary storm. The disciples were in a boat in the middle of the sea when a huge and nasty storm was blowing all around them. Suddenly, they saw Jesus walking toward them — on the water! Jesus was walking ON THE WATER! Peter wanted to go to Jesus, so he got of the boat and started to walk on the water, too. It was an amazing moment. But then Peter got scared and instead of walking on the water, he started to sink. You see, Peter had to trust Jesus 100% to walk on water and that’s a really hard thing to do especially in the middle of a really, really scary storm. Jesus knew it was a hard thing for Peter to do and that’s why he didn’t get mad at Peter. Instead, Jesus reached out and caught Peter before he sunk deep into the water.

I want us to remember that Jesus wants us to trust him 100% and sometimes that can be hard and we get scared. But you can always count on Jesus to be there to catch you no matter what, just like he did for Peter. Because Jesus knows that learning to trust takes practice and time.

Let’s pray: Thank you God for your Son Jesus. Help us to practice trusting him every day so that day by day we can grow closer and closer to him. Amen.


Alternative Idea (For the brave and crafty!)

Scripture Focus: Matthew 14:24-27

Object: Paper ship wheel

Preparation: You will need a large piece paper and scissors for this lesson. Start with a large square remembering that the larger the square the bigger the ship wheel will turn out. Then, follow the diagramed instructions to create your ship wheel. Click Here for Diagram Instructions

TIP: During the children’s sermon, don’t try to fold the paper while you’re talking with the kids. Instead, have the paper folds done in advance and just make the cuts to create the ship’s wheel. 

(Begin cutting the paper ship wheel) Sometimes I get really scared when it’s storming outside. When the lightening hits and I hear thunder, I want to run and hide. I really don’t like storms.

In the Bible we learn about a really big storm that hits right when the disciples are in a boat. I bet the wind was blowing really hard and the waves were crashing into the boat. It was probably really scary!

But then, they see Jesus walking out to them. He was walking on the water! And Jesus tells them not to be afraid.

And you know, we don’t have to be scared during storms either. Because Jesus is right there with us. Jesus is in control (begin to unfold the ship wheel). Jesus will guide us through the storm just like a captain guides a ship through the water (move the ship wheel back and forth like you’re steering).

So next time it storms, remember that Jesus is right there with you. And he’ll make sure you make it to the other side. Because Jesus is always in control just like a ship captain.

Let’s pray: Thank you God for always being with us, especially when it is storming and we may be scared. Help us remember not be afraid because you’re in control just like the captain of a ship. Amen.


4 thoughts on “Pentecost 8A

    • Hi Beth,

      I’m sorry you’re having trouble with the paper folding/cutting to make the wheel. Most of the time, I find the problem happens around step 4. The best advice I can give you from a distance is to be sure that you are not cutting the folded edge. I hope it works out for you!

  1. Yes I was cutting it the wrong way…I finally got it right and it worked out great Sunday. The kids loved it!

    The directions didn’t specify which edge of the paper to cut and that was my mistake.

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