Pentecost 9A

Day: Pentecost 9

Lectionary Passage: Psalm 133

Scripture Focus: Psalm 133:1-2

Object: Olive Oil and a bowl

Welcome everyone. This morning I’ve got some olive oil with me. I keep this in my kitchen to cook with, but there is another very special use for oil that our Bible story talks about. Our story comes from the Old Testament. That’s the part of the Bible that comes before Jesus was born. So the stories happened a long, long time ago. But they are all still very important for us to learn. And our story for today mentions a special thing that people used to do with oil.

In those days, when a person was picked by God to be a priest, oil was poured over their head (pour some of the oil into the bowl to show the kids). That may seem like a pretty strange thing to do, but it was a special way to show that person was chosen by God to lead and teach others all about God’s ways.

Pouring oil over someone’s head who was chosen to lead others is called “anointing.” Can you say that word with me? Anointing. Very good! It’s a big word for a big deal celebration of one of God’s chosen leaders. And I hope next time you see someone cooking with olive oil that you’ll remember anointing.

Let’s pray: Thank you God for anointing people to lead us in learning more about you way back then in Old Testament times and especially today. Amen.



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