Pentecost 12A

Day: Pentecost 12

Lectionary Passage: Romans 13:8-14

Scripture Focus: Romans 13:10

Object: None

Good morning boys and girls! I have a question to ask you. Do you think it would be easier to remember 613 rules or one rule? That’s 613 (be sure to emphasize the huge number) verses 1. Raise your hand if you think it would be easier to remember 613 rules. (give the kids time) No one? Is it easier to remember only one rule? You bet!

And that is exactly what we are learning in our passage for today. Paul is explaining that God gave us a lot of rules to help us live a better life, but if we remember just one rule then we will cover them all. So instead of learning all 613 rules, you just need to remember one! Are you ready to hear the one rule we need to know? (let the kids respond) Well, alright! The one rule we need to know is… drum roll please… “Love others as yourself.” If we remember to love other people than we will do everything God wants. Because the kind of love we’re talking about is loving others as Jesus loved us. That kind of love is all about helping people and caring for them no matter what, even if they have been mean to you before. When you love others as yourself, then you are all following all God’s rules.

Let’s pray: Help us God to remember the most important rule is to love others as ourselves. Amen.


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