Pentecost 13A

Day: Pentecost 13

Lectionary Passage: Matthew 18:21-35

Scripture Focus: Matthew 18:32-35

Object: Dry Erase/Black Board and Eraser

Note: You can modify this sermon to work without the object because kids will be very familiar with a board and eraser from school.

Hey everybody. I bet you’ve all seen one of these at school (show your board). I love my little dry erase board because people can leave me messages (write something on the board) when I’m out of the office and after I’ve seen them, all I have to do is go zooop (erase the message) and it is gone. It’s like it was never there!

And that reminds me of an important lesson from the Bible. Our story today is all about forgiveness. Forgiveness is when someone says they are sorry for doing something wrong to us and we accept their sorry. That can be a really hard thing to do. But it is easier to do when we remember that God has forgiven us. We’ve done some bad stuff and God has forgiven us and wiped the board clean — just like with a big old eraser! So, we have to do the same with others who might hurt us.

Let’s pray: God help us to forgive others as you have forgiven us. Amen.


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