Pentecost 15A

Day: Pentecost 15

Lectionary Passage: Psalm 78:1-4 12-16

Scripture Focus: Psalm 78:1-4

Object: A storybook (This is a great opportunity for you to share a little about yourself by telling the kids about your favorite childhood storybook or a story that you read with your (grand)children.)

This morning I’ve brought with me my very favorite story! It’s the Chronicles of Narnia. I bet some of you know this story, too. Maybe you’ve seen the new movies. But let me tell you, the book is way better. I love it so much that I read it over and over and over. And, I’ve started to read it to Caleb even though he is only a baby. I want to start reading it to him early because I want him to grow up knowing the characters and the story as well as I do so that we talk about it! I hope it will be one of our special things.

And that reminds me of our Bible lesson. It tells us about sharing the stories of the Bible. You know, there is a lot of good stuff in the Bible! There are stories like Noah and the Ark, Adam and Eve, Jesus Feeding the 5,000, David and Goliath, and so many more that I can’t even name them all! But they all tell about the wonderful deeds of God. And when we read them and learn about them and share them with each other, we grow closer to God. That’s why every Sunday we read from the Bible and learn just a little more about what it says. And, I hope each day you are reading your Bible at home on your own or with help from your parents or an older brother or sister.

There are some really amazing stories in the Bible and the only way you’re going to discover them is if you open up the book and read!

Let’s pray: Thank you God for giving us the Bible so that no matter where we are we can read about the amazing things you have done. Amen.



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