Pentecost 17A

Day: Pentecost 17

Lectionary Passage: Philippians 4:1-9

Scripture Focus: Philippians 4:6

Object: “Prayer Hand”

Preparation: For today’s lesson, you will teach the kids the “Prayer Hand.” It may be helpful print out copies of the “Prayer Hand” for each child to take home. Click Here for Prayer Hand

Our Bible story for today tells us that we should pray to God about everything. So I thought we should learn a cool way to pray using our hand. Everyone put your hand in the air and we are going to learn how each finger reminds us to pray for something special.

First, the thumb (point to your thumb) is closet to our heart so it reminds us to pray for those closest to us, like our family and friends.

Our index finger (point to your index finger) is also called our pointer finger and it reminds us to pray for those who teach. Like your teachers at school, Sunday school teachers, and pastors.

Our middle finger (point to your middle finger) stands taller than the rest and reminds us to pray for leaders, like the President and the Governor because they need God’s guidance to make important decisions.

Our ring finger (point to your ring finger) is weak and cannot stand alone well so it reminds us to pray for the sick. You can even name people you know who aren’t feeling well.

And last is our pinkie finger (point to your pinkie finger)! It’s the smallest one of all and reminds us to pray for ourselves.

Now when you go home you can all pray using your fingers and remember to ask God for everything!

Let’s pray: Thank you God for always listening to us in prayer and letting us ask you for all things. Amen.


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