Pentecost 19A

Day: Pentecost 19

Lectionary Passage: Matthew 22:34-46

Scripture Focus: Matthew 22:36-39

Object: None

Hello everyone! In our Bible story for today some folks asked Jesus a very important question. They wanted to know what the most important rule was. And Jesus answered: “To love God with your whole heart, soul, and mind.” Then he said that the second was to love others as yourself. Since those two rules are the most important for us to remember and live by everyday, I thought we should learn a little song. It’s to the tune of “Frere Jacques.” Let me sing it once through for us:

I love God, I love God

Heart, Soul, Mind; Heart, Soul, Mind

Show by loving others, show by loving others

I love God, I love God

Now, let’s learn it together, line by line. I’ll say a line and you repeat it…. (say each line slowly and then lead the children in repeating it). Great! We’ve got the words, now let’s sing it together…. (sing the song together).

Let’s pray: Thank you God for sending us Jesus to teach us the two greatest rules to follow: to love you and love others. Help us remember to live by those rules everyday. Amen.



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