Advent 1B

Day: Advent 1B

Lectionary Passage: Mark 13:24-37

Scripture Focus: Mark 13:35-37

Object: Advent calendar

Preparation: Provide a printable Advent calendar for each child to color and assemble throughout the season.

Good morning! I brought a very special calendar with me this morning. It’s not a typical calendar with 365 days. It only has 28 days. It is called an Advent calendar. An Advent calendar is a special calendar that is used to celebrate the days of Advent as we wait for Christmas Day.

While we are waiting for Christmas, we should also remember that we are waiting for Jesus’ return. That’s what our Bible story is all about. It tells us that Jesus is coming back to earth one day and we have to stay alert and be ready for his return. We don’t know when that will be, but we can be ready by giving our hearts to God and following Jesus’ teaching of how to live. So as you are waiting for Christmas and getting ready for all the fun, remember to stay alert and be ready for Jesus’ second coming.

Let’s pray: Thank you God for sending Jesus to be born on Christmas Day. We are excited to celebrate his birth on Christmas but also to get ready for his return one day in the future. Amen.


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