Advent 4B

Day: Advent 4B

Lectionary Passage: Luke 1:26-38

Scripture Focus: Luke 1:26

Object: Paper airplane

Preparation: Before this lesson, practice making a paper airplane. For instructions, visit a website like

This morning, I’ve got a piece of paper with me (show the kids the piece of paper). Now, I know what you’re thinking: it’s just a plain old ordinary boring piece of paper. You’ve seen that a thousand times. But, you know, sometimes the most ordinary things can become something amazing (begin making an airplane).

That happened in the Bible you know. At least one time it happened with an ordinary girl named Mary. God sent the angel Gabriel to tell her she was chosen by God to have a son named Jesus. Well, you can bet Mary was surprised. After all, she was just like you and me, a regular ordinary person.

But, you know what? God could see something extraordinary in Mary and that’s why God asked Mary to be Jesus’ mom. And it turned out that she was a great mom who loved and cared for the baby Jesus.

Just like that plain old piece of paper didn’t seem like much, on the outside Mary is just ordinary, but when she said “yes” to God she became an extraordinary part of God’s plan. Kinda like how that ordinary piece of paper can turn into a great airplane (fly the airplane)!

Let’s pray: God, help us be courageous and faithful like Mary so that when you call on us, we will say “yes” too. Amen.


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