Christmas Day B

Day: Christmas Day B

Lectionary Passage: John 1:1-4

Scripture Focus: John 1:5

Object: Candle and match

Merry Christmas! It is so wonderful to see you all on this very special day. I bet you can all tell me who was born on this day (let the children shout “Jesus”). Very good! Jesus was born on Christmas day a long time ago in a place called Bethlehem. The Bible tells us about what happened on that special day: no room at the inn, shepherds in the field, angels singing, and wise men traveling far.

There is something else about that day we should know. We learn about it in today’s Bible story. It is very important… (try to build suspense) The Light came into the world (strike a match) and the light was named Jesus (light the candle… pause). 

Jesus is called the Light of the world because he is the one who guides us to God. Before Jesus was born, we were lost in the darkness. Now, all who believe in Jesus are guided by his light to God.

As we celebrate Christmas, let’s also remember to give thanks for the Light of the world who shows us the way to God.

Let’s pray: Eternal God, thank you for sending the light into the darkness to show us the way to you. Help us share this light with others. Amen.


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