Christmas 1B

Day: Christmas 1B

Lectionary Passage: Luke 2:22-40

Scripture Focus: Luke 2:25-26

Object: None

Man, oh man, I tell you I hate waiting! Have you ever been at the store and the line is really long. I mean REALLY long (stretch your arms out widely). Like wrapped around the whole store three times long! Well, that’s happened to me. I just stand there at first (stand). But, then I get real antsy because the line isn’t moving. I mean, I’ve been standing forever. So, I start to shuffle from side to side (shuffle from side to side) because my legs are tired. And after awhile that gets boring so I start tapping my fingers (tap your fingers on your arm) on the shopping cart because that is sure to make the line go faster. When that doesn’t work, I start pace back and forth (pace back in forth dramatically) because that always makes the line move faster. Until, finally, it seems like I’ve been waiting forever… I just take a nap (fall on the ground or start snoring while standing)!

I guess, I’m not very patient. I’m not at all like Simeon. He was a man in the Bible. You know Simeon waited a very, very, very long time to meet Jesus. He was so old, older than Pastor Tom if you can believe that, when Jesus was born. And you know what? In all that time, Simeon was patient. He didn’t get antsy or bored or want to give up. Simeon just waited patiently because he knew that Jesus was coming someday. And you know, I think we should be more like Simeon. Instead of getting antsy and upset about waiting, we should show a little more patience. Because good things are coming our way, it’s just that sometimes we have to wait for them!

Let’s pray: Help us to be more like Simeon so that when we are waiting for big and small things to come our way, we wait patiently. Amen.


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