Epiphany 5B

Day: Epiphany 5B

Lectionary Passage: Isaiah 40:21-31

Scripture Focus: Isaiah 40:31

Object: Picture of an eagle soaring in the sky

Good morning everybody! Raise your hand if you have seen an eagle soaring high in the sky (let children respond)? Wonderful. Then, you won’t be surprised by this picture. It shows an eagle soaring way up high. It’s beautiful! An eagle can make flying look so easy. They don’t have to flap their wings to soar because the wind is lifting them up. It’s amazing.

Our Bible story mentions soaring eagles. It says that whoever trusts in God is like a soaring eagle. Just like an eagle trusts the wind to lift it up, we can trust God to lift us up when we are feeling low. So, if we are sad or feeling forgotten, we can trust that God cares about us and will give us strength to lift our mood and feel better. God is like the wind beneath our wings.

Let’s pray: God, when we are sad or feeling low, help us to remember that we can always count on you to help us. Amen.


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