Lent 3B

Day: Lent 3B

Lectionary Passage: Exodus 20:1-20

Scripture Focus: Exodus 20:7

Object: None

Hello everybody! Our Bible story for today comes from the Old Testament. It’s about a time when God gave the people of Israel commandments to follow. Commandments are rules, like the rules you have to follow at home or at school. But these are even bigger because they are given by God! They show us how to love God and how to love others, too. God gave a lot of commandments, but I just want to talk about one this morning.

It says “Don’t misuse God’s name.” That means we should only use God’s name respectfully. We follow this rule by not saying bad words or using God’s name like a bad word. Would you like it if someone misused your name by making fun of it? (let the children answer) Of course not! God doesn’t like it either. God wants us to respect the name of God and use it faithfully when we need to talk with God or share about God.

Let’s pray: Your name is holy God and we ask for your help to always remember your commandments. Amen.


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