Lent 4B

Day: Lent 4B

Lectionary Passage: Ephesians 2:1-10

Scripture Focus: Ephesians 2:8

Object: A favorite gift

Good morning everyone! I brought with me one of my favorite gifts of all time (show the children the gift and describe how it was wrapped up and presented to you on a special occasion, be sure to emphasize its tangibility). I will always treasure this gift.

In our Bible story today, we learn that God has given us a gift, too. It’s not like this. It’s not something we can see or hold or touch. We can’t even wrap it up in pretty paper. But it is a very precious gift. It is called grace. Grace is God’s special gift to us.

God gives this grace to us when we believe in Jesus Christ. This grace is powerful stuff because it wipes away our sins, that the bad stuff we’ve done. Without God’s grace, we would be in big trouble, like eternal time out! But, thankfully God loves us and gives us this amazing gift of grace. Of course, we don’t have to pay for this gift and we can’t do anything to earn it. All we need to do is believe in Jesus Christ and God will give us the gift of grace.

We may not be able to wrap it up in pretty paper, but God’s gift of grace is the best gift we can ever receive!

Let’s pray: God, we are so thankful that you give us the gift of grace. Amen.


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