Palm Sunday B

Day: Palm Sunday B

Lectionary Passage: Mark 11:1-11

Scripture Focus: Mark 11:8-10

Object: Palm branch

Have you ever been to a wedding? At most weddings, there is a flower girl. And her job is to walk down the aisle just before the bride comes down and scatter flower petals on the ground. She just tosses a few here and a few there so that when the bride walks down she is walking over flowers. It’s one of the special ways that the bride is honored on her special wedding day.

Well, something like that happened to Jesus. He wasn’t getting married, but he was making a big entrance into the city of Jerusalem. As he came through the gate and down the city streets, people threw palm branches on the road for him to walk over. You see, palm branches are symbols of victory and carpeting Jesus’ path with them was a sign of praise for Jesus. They were honoring him!

Today we celebrate Jesus’ big entrance into Jerusalem by waving palm branches and putting them on the altar table. That’s also the reason we call this day “Palm Sunday.”

Let’s pray: God, thank you for sending your Son Jesus. Help us to always remember that he is special and worthy of our praise. Amen.


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