Easter B

Day: Easter B

Lectionary Passage: Mark 16:1-8

Scripture Focus: Mark 16:5-7

Object: Real Easter Eggs (if you’re feeling less ambitious, plastic eggs will work)

Preparation: For this lesson, you will need to hallow egg shells and then fill the shells with strips of paper. To hallow eggs: (1) piercing a hole in each end of the egg, (2) reach through one hole with a needle to gently break up the yolk, (3) blowing air into one hole to force the egg contents to flow out the other end, (4) run cold water into the intact eggshell to clean, and finally (5) dry the shells in the microwave for 15-30 seconds. Once the eggs are ready, cover one hole using white tissue paper and a clear glue stick. Then, write phrases such as “Jesus loves you” and “Jesus died for you” and “Jesus lives” on 1/4-inch strips of paper and gently slide the rolled paper strips through the second hole. Finally, cover the second hole.

You know what, There are a lot of things that remind us of Easter.  There are flowers, chocolate bunnies, and pretty baskets. And there are eggs! Just like this one (hold up the egg for the kids to see). But, this isn’t an ordinary egg. This is a REAL (emphasize the word) Easter Egg. Let me show you why: (smash the egg in your hands or on the altar rail)

I bet you were expecting something else! But, this is a Real Easter Egg and inside are special messages about Easter (read the messages).

You see, Easter isn’t really about bunnies and baskets. It’s about Jesus. On Easter, the disciples went to the tomb and discovered that Jesus was alive! Jesus died a few days earlier but because God is more powerful than any of the bad stuff in the world, God raised Jesus from the dead. That’s the real message of Easter. As followers of Jesus, we need to remember to share the real message of Easter: Jesus is alive! And that’s very good news.

Let’s pray: God, we are so excited to celebrate that Jesus is alive! It proves that you are greater than any of the bad stuff in the world. Help us to always remember that Easter is about Jesus.


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