Easter 2B

Day: Easter 2B

Lectionary Passage: Acts 4:32-35

Scripture Focus: Acts 4:32

Object: Candy (or stickers) to share

Good morning boys and girls! I’ve brought this gigantic bowl of candy with me this morning. I love candy. Raise your hand if you like candy (let the kids raise their hands). You do?! Well. I bet you are wondering if I will share with you… hmmm… hmmm… of course I will share with you! It’s good to share with others.

In fact, in our Bible story for today, we learn that the very first believers in the early church shared everything they had. They didn’t just share candy, they shared everything!! They were so good at sharing what they had that there wasn’t a needy person among them. Because everyone shared, everyone had what was needed. If we ask, God will help us become great at sharing, too. And the more we practice sharing, the better we become at it! So, I want us to remember to share with others.

Let’s pray: God, help us to share all the gifts you have given us. Amen.


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