Pentecost B

Day: Pentecost B

Lectionary Passage: Acts 2:1-21

Scripture Focus: Acts 2:2

Object: None

Today is Pentecost Sunday! We celebrate Pentecost each year to remind us what happened on the very first Pentecost. After Jesus went back up to heaven, his disciples were gathered in a room. Suddenly, there was a sound of rushing wind. It was very loud and it filled the whole room. Fire appeared above the heads of each of the disciples, and they began to speak in many different languages.

At Pentecost the disciples were filled with God’s Holy Spirit. It’s pretty hard to picture what the Holy Spirit looks like because you can’t see the Holy Spirit with your eyes. But, you can feel the Holy Spirit. On Pentecost, the disciples felt the Holy Spirit like a rushing wind. I want you to fan yourself for a second (fan yourself with your hands to show the children what you mean). Now, I can’t see the wind created by fanning, but I sure can feel it! That’s a lot like God’s Holy Spirit. We may not be able to see it, but we can feel the Holy Spirit doing amazing things.

On Pentecost Sunday we celebrate that God sent the Holy Spirit to help all disciples, including you and me. And though we might not be able to see the Holy Spirit, the more we grow closer to God, the more we’ll be able to feel the Holy Spirit all around us.

Let’s pray: We praise you, Holy God, for the gift of your Spirit who lives and moves all around us. Amen.


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