Trinity Sunday B

Day: Trinity Sunday B

Lectionary Passage: Romans 8:12-17

Scripture Focus: None

Object: A banana

Preparation: Bananas naturally divide into three wedges. Before worship, practice this neat trick: Peel a banana halfway, then slowly slide your finger down the center of the banana top until the banana splits itself into three equal parts. Then, slide your hand up the banana to make the three parts stick together again. To see a video of this trick, click here.

Today is Trinity Sunday! Trinity means three. We use that word to help us understand how God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit are related. We call them the “Trinity.” But that doesn’t mean there are three different gods. It’s a bigger mystery than that! Let’s see if we can collect some clues to understand the Trinity.

I think a banana can help us. I’m going to show you how to slice a banana into three parts with just one finger (perform the trick and reveal the three slices of banana). This is our first clue: It is possible to make one part into three parts. Now, lets’s see if we can make the three parts into one again (slide your hand up the banana to make the three parts stick together as one piece again). This is our second clue: It is possible to make three parts into one again.

Just like the one banana had three parts, the one true God has three parts. The first person, we call them persons instead of parts, is God the Father who created all things. The second person is God the Son. That’s Jesus! We know Jesus was sent to love us to offer us eternal life through grace. The third person is God the Holy Spirit who is our helper and friend, guiding us to follow God’s ways. Father, Son, and Holy Spirit is the Trinity! Case closed!

Let’s pray: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, Holy Trinity, we give you thanks for all the ways you help us and love us. Amen.


2 thoughts on “Trinity Sunday B

  1. I am excited about using this children’s sermon this Sunday. It is a great illustration. I could not get the video link to open.

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