Pentecost 2B

Day: Pentecost 2B

Lectionary Passage: Mark 3:20-35

Scripture Focus: Mark 3:31-35

Object: Family picture

Good morning everyone! Today I brought a family picture with me. That’s me there (describe the people in the picture with special attention to point out how you are related). But you know, this is only one of my families. I have another much bigger family and you are part of it. It’s called the church!

The church is a family, too. In our Bible story for today, Jesus explains that his followers are like family to him. He says that anyone “who does God’s will is [my family].” That means everyone in this sanctuary (emphasize the whole congregation) is a family. But the church family is even bigger! It includes every Christian in the whole world! We are part of one big family. So no matter what happens, I hope you will remember that the church is your family and you are always welcome among family.

Let’s pray: Thank you God for giving us two families. One we are born into and one that we have as the church. Amen.


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