Pentecost 3B

Day: Pentecost 3B

Lectionary Passage: Mark 4:26-34

Scripture Focus: Mark 4:26-29

Object: Package of seeds

Good morning. I’ve brought with me this morning some seeds. They came in this really pretty package. I take them out to look at them, but they always look the same (show the kids the seeds by pouring them into your hand). I can’t figure out why they haven’t started to grow. The package says they are suppose to grow into (name of seeds) but so far a whole lot of nothing has happened. What do you suppose I’m doing wrong? (Let the kids answer… plant the seeds!)

Oh! I have to plant the seeds! Well that makes sense. A seed needs sunlight and water to grow. Nothing is going to happen if they just stay in this package.

That reminds me of our Bible story for today. Jesus explained many things to us by using picture stories called parables. In our story for today, he compared the Kingdom of God to a seed. The seed has to be planted in order to start growing. Then it grows and grows.

When we tell others about Jesus and about how much God loves them, it’s like planting a Kingdom seed in their heart. God uses us to help others come to Jesus! So we are all Kingdom seed planters and we can grow in faith together.

Let’s pray: Thank you God for asking us to help plant Kingdom seeds in others so that we can all grow in faith together. Amen.


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