Pentecost 4B

Day: Pentecost 4B

Lectionary Passage: Job 30:1-11

Scripture Focus: None

Object: None

Good morning everybody! I’ve been thinking about some really puzzling questions. Like why is there a light in the fridge, but not in the freezer? Or what is gravity and why does it hold stuff down? Or why is a boxing ring square? Things like that. I bet you could think of some pretty tough questions you would like to have answered.

There are a lot of questions that we can answer. We’ve learned a lot about the world. But I still don’t think there is anyone who can answer every single question in the whole wide world.

The book of Job is in the Old Testament. It’s about a man who had some really tough questions and he wanted answers. He asked big questions. Like why is there suffering? Why do bad things happen? People he knew gave him answers. But Job didn’t think those answers were right. He believed that only God knew the real answers because God is the one who created everything. God has all the answers. Some of our questions will have to wait to be answered until we get to heaven, but they will be answered.

Asking questions is very important. It’s part of how we grow. And God made us to be curious and to think about even the really tough stuff. I hope each of you will ask questions all the time. And don’t be shy to ask questions about your faith and what we believe as Christians. Otherwise, how are you ever going to learn the answer?! Just like Job, we can ask tough questions. Sometimes we’ll get the answer we need from others, like our caregivers or teachers or pastors, but sometimes the answers will still be a mystery and we’ll have to ask God. Just remember: Don’t stop asking questions because being curious is part of how God made us.

Let’s pray: Thank you God for creating us to be curious creatures. Help us to be bold and ask questions but also to be patient when the answer isn’t clear. Amen.


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