Pentecost 10B

Day: Pentecost 10B

Lectionary Passage: John 6:24-35

Scripture Focus: John 6:35

Object: Loaf of sandwich bread

Good morning everybody! I bet you’ve all seen this stuff at home. It’s good old sandwich bread. I usually like mine with a lot of peanut butter and just a little grape jelly. But, if I was really hungry, I think a plain slice of bread would do the trick. When you get really hungry, even a plain piece of sandwich bread tastes good and stops your hunger. But this bread doesn’t keep us from getting hungry again sometime later.

Every day we get hungry. We need food. That’s just a fact. It would be great if food fell from the sky. You know, that actually happened one time! Way back in the day, God fed the Israelites by sending bread from heaven. It literally rained bread! They would collect the bread and eat it so they were no longer hungry.

That happened a long time ago. But did you know that God has sent us, me and you, bread from heaven, too? In our Bible story, Jesus says he is the true bread from heaven. He didn’t mean that he was like this sandwich bread. He wasn’t talking about the kind of bread that stops our tummy hunger. He is the kind of bread that stops our spiritual hunger. You see, we’re all hungry for God’s love, kindness, care, and grace. When we have Jesus in our lives, then we are no longer hungry for those things because he fills us up! When Jesus is in our hearts, we aren’t hungry anymore because we are full of his love for us.

Let’s pray: Thank you Jesus for being the true bread of life that fills us up with God’s love. Amen.


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