Baptism of the Lord C

Day: Baptism of the Lord

Lectionary Passage: Luke 3:15-22

Scripture Focus: Luke 3:21-22

Object: Calendar

You know January is a really special month. It’s the only month in the whole calendar that starts a new year. See, this calendar proves that January is the beginning of a brand new 365 days. No other month in the calendar is like that. Sure, you’ve got fancy holidays like Valentines in February and Saint Patrick’s Day in March and Thanksgiving in November, but only January begins a new year. It’s special that way. January marks the beginning of something wonderful: A whole new year full of amazing new adventures.

And that reminds me of a story from the Bible. It’s about a new beginning, too. It’s the story of Jesus’ baptism. You see, Jesus was ready to start his ministry on earth. He wanted to start telling people all about God and helping them to love God. But first, he wanted to be baptized. So, he went to see his cousin John who was baptizing people in the Jordan River. John baptized Jesus by pouring water over him from the river. And when he did that something amazing happened: Read Luke 3:21b-22.

This was the start of an amazing adventure for Jesus. Just like January is special because it starts a new year, the Baptism of Jesus is special because it starts his ministry.

Let’s pray: God, thank you for new beginnings, new adventures, and new years. Help us follow Jesus in this New Year and always. Amen.


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