Epiphany 2C

Day: Epiphany 2C

Lectionary Passage: John 2:1-11

Scripture Focus: John 2:11

Object: Pictures of “firsts”

I’ve brought some special pictures with me to share with you. (show your pictures and be especially clear to emphasize what “first” event they show, like first birthday, Christmas, etc.) 

… Do you know what all these pictures have in common? They are all pictures of special firsts! You only have one first … , only one first … firsts are really special.

In our Bible story today, Jesus is celebrating a very special first. His first miracle! It happened at wedding in a town called Cana. Everyone was having a great time at the party and then all of a sudden, they ran out of wine of wine to drink. There wasn’t Coke and stuff like that back then. Everybody drank wine. So, when they ran out it was a big problem. Jesus’ mother asked him to help. That’s when the miracle happened! Jesus turned water into wine. And not just any wine, it was the best wine anyone ever tasted!

This was Jesus first miracle and just like our firsts in life, it was extra special.

Let’s pray: God thank you for the many firsts that you give us to celebrate in life and especially for your Son Jesus whose first miracle was at a wedding. Amen.


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