Lent 1C

Day: Lent 1C

Lectionary Passage: Luke 4:1-13

Scripture Focus: Luke 4:1-2

Object: None

We’re going to take a survey this morning. I’ll ask a question and if you’ve done this, then raise your hand. Okay, here we go. Have you ever wanted to sneak a cookie before dinner even though you were told not to? (let children raise their hands) Have you ever wanted to run around the sanctuary even though you weren’t suppose to run in the church? (let children raise their hands) Last question, have you ever wanted to play with something your parents told you wasn’t a toy? (let children raise their hands) All those things are what we call temptation. It’s a big word for all those things we really, really, really want to do but we know are wrong.

In our story today, Jesus is facing big temptations. You see, Jesus went out to the desert all alone to spend some time praying and getting ready for his ministry. When all of a sudden, the devil showed up! The devil is not a nice guy. He didn’t like that Jesus was going to do God’s will and help us. So, the devil had a plan to tempt Jesus to do something wrong. First, the devil tempted Jesus to turn a rock into bread. Jesus was really, really hungry because he hadn’t eaten in many days. But, Jesus refused to give into the temptation.

So, the devil tried something else. He brought Jesus to a high place and showed him the worldly kingdoms below and offered them to Jesus if only he would worship the devil. Imagine, Jesus would have all kinds of power in the world. But, Jesus knew that only God was worthy of worship and he didn’t give in to the temptation.

The devil gave it one more try. He brought Jesus to the highest point on the Temple and told him to jump to see if the angels would protect him. Jesus is the only Son of God and could do amazing things like command the angels to rescue him, but Jesus knew that you shouldn’t test God. Finally, the devil left Jesus alone. Jesus was tempted three times and he never gave in!

I want us to remember that when we are tempted to do bad stuff. Remember that Jesus was tempted too but he didn’t give in and we shouldn’t either.

Let’s pray: God, help us be more like Jesus and not give into temptations but instead always do what is right. Amen.


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