Lent 2C

Day: Lent 2C

Lectionary Passage: Psalm 27

Scripture Focus: Psalm 27:5

Object: A Blanket

I bet you all have one of these at home… a favorite blanket! When I was a little girl, I sometimes got scared. Like maybe late at night when everyone else was asleep and I heard a bump in the night. Or when it’s thundering and lightening outside. Those things made me afraid. And sometimes the best thing to do was hide under my blanket… (throw the blanket over your head).

And that reminds me of our Scripture passage today. It’s a Psalm about how God protects us when we’re scared. The Psalms are prayers found in the very middle of the Bible, in the part we call the Old Testament. There are all kinds of Psalms because there are all kinds of prayers. The Psalm for today is about trusting God to protect us when we’re afraid. It says that God is like a tent that will cover us when we are scared. That means that God is right there with us when we’re afraid. We’re never alone! God is there to help us all the time but especially when we’re scared. God is like the very best blanket to hide under because no matter where we are, God is with us. And that blanket gets left a home a lot of the time. So, next time that you’re afraid of something, I want you to remember that God is right there with you and maybe that will help you be less scared.

Let’s pray: God, thank you for being like the very best blanket ever and never leaving us alone when we’re scared. Amen.


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