Lent 3C

Day: Lent 3C

Lectionary Passage: Luke 13:1-9

Scripture Focus: Luke 13:3

Object: None

Have you ever played the game Simon Says? If you have, then you know the rules, but just in case some don’t here’s the basics: The players have to obey everything the leader says that starts with the words “Simon Says” but if they follow a command that doesn’t begin with “Simon Says” or they fail to do what Simon Says then they’re out. Let’s give it a try. Simon says put your hand on your head… Simon says clap… Touch your nose… Simon says…

You did pretty good! Sometimes it’s hard to keep up, but if you listen closely you can always hear those important words “Simon Says” and you know that’s what you’re suppose to do.

You know, the game Simon Says reminds me of our Scripture passage. In it, Jesus is telling people what they should do. He wants everyone to repent. That’s a really big huge word that means “to turn around.” But, some people don’t do what he says and they loose out on something wonderful. Maybe they weren’t listening hard enough or maybe they just decided to ignore Jesus. Either way, if we don’t listen when Jesus says to do something, then we miss out. It’s like when you’re playing Simon Says and don’t put your hand on your head when Simon Says to — you lose the game.

Jesus is telling each of us to turn around. To turn away from doing bad stuff and to follow his example. Maybe the game should be called “Jesus Says” instead of Simon Says. Then, we could remember that Jesus Says to repent.

Let’s pray: God, help us to always follow Jesus’ directions and to not miss out on all the wonderful things you have planned for us when we turn around and follow Jesus. Amen.


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