Palm Sunday C

Day: Palm/Passion Sunday C

Lectionary Passage: John 12:12-16

Scripture Focus: John 12:13

Object: Palm branch

Preparation: Learn how to make a cross out a palm branch. This site has a great tutorial with pictures.

Good morning everyone! Today is a special day in the church. It’s Palm Sunday! On this day we remember when Jesus entered Jerusalem and the crowds cheered and waved palm branches in the air (wave your palm branch around). 

(Begin to make a cross out of the palm branch as you talk about Holy Week) Palm Sunday begins a very special week in the church calendar. It’s called Holy Week. It’s the seven days between Palm Sunday and Easter. In the Bible we learn a lot of things happened in this week. Jesus didn’t just go to Jerusalem for a parade, he went there to celebrate Passover. Every year Jews would travel to Jerusalem to celebrate when God saved them from slavery in Egypt. Jesus and his friends were no exception. On Thursday night of Holy Week, they celebrated the great feast together (at this point, elaborate on details about the Last Supper for as long as you need before the reveal of the cross).

Later that night Jesus was arrested. Then on Good Friday he died on the cross (reveal the cross). During Holy Week we remember that Jesus came so that he could save us from our sin. He died on the cross for us. In just a few short days, Jesus went from being praised by a crowd waving palm branches to the cross.

Let’s pray: Holy God, help us to celebrate Jesus as the king with great joy but to also give our deepest thanks that he died on the cross for us. Amen.


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